The Most Iconic Skylines in the World


The Most Iconic Skylines in the World

Celebrate Skyscraper Day Sept. 3 by exploring this list of the 10 most iconic skylines in the world

In case you didn’t know, Sept. 3 is Skyscraper Day (there’s still time to buy a gift!) and according to the encyclopedia of made-up holidays, this is a day to recognize and celebrate the achievements in engineering and architecture that have allowed for tall buildings to exist and create unique skylines around the world.

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In lieu of baking a cake to mark this most important of days, we’ve decided to instead honor cityscapes across the globe with a list of the most iconic skylines.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a compilation of the “best” skylines in the world, because we don’t believe in shaming cities based on appearance. (OK, we sometimes do; but not this time.) This is instead a list of the most recognizable metropolises based on their unique structures and landscape. Basically, if the average person can look at a photo and determine which city it is, then it will probably appear here.

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So take a minute and celebrate human achievement with us. Some animals may be larger than people, and Mother Nature may be stronger, but at least we’ve evolved to the point where we’re now experts at building really, really tall stuff — and that’s worth something. After all, how else would we be able to look down on the rest of the species of the world?