The 17 Most Controversial Travel Incidents Of 2017

Travel can be tough and sometimes even downright scary. With delays, cancellations, check-ins, and so many people in enclosed spaces, tensions can run high whether you're stranded at the airport or well on your way to your destination. Travel employees and customers alike can be put into high-stress situations very quickly thousands of feet in the air or thousands of miles out to sea.

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This past year was quite eventful in terms of news, and that was no less true for travel. Top airlines seemed to be constantly under fire for mishaps concerning passengers being refused or even dragged off of planes. Cruise ships were struck with mass illness or even banned from cities entirely. Social media played a huge role in making these events bigger than they may have otherwise been, which was a disaster for travel PR personnel but possibly a blessing in terms of accountability. Who knows what 2018 may hold for those of us who love to trot the globe, but 2017 sure did see some of the most controversial travel incidents we've seen.