Inside Grand Cayman’s Culinary Scene With Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa

This resort provides an ideal getaway for foodies

Inside the beautiful spa at Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa. 

Grand Cayman’s recently opened first-ever boutique resort, Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, brings travelers a real taste of the Caribbean’s culinary capital. It’s luxurious, perfectly decorated, tech-savvy, and just like all Kimpton properties, dog-friendly. Kimpton Seafire Resort is perfect for all types of travelers: families, millennials, couples, and, most of all, food-lovers. Offering guests the chance to partake in exclusive culinary events, the luxury resort brings a new element to vacation dining experiences. 

Recently, Kimpton Seafire Resort collaborated with acclaimed British chef Clare Smyth for 10 days of fine and fresh dining experiences. The three-Michelin-starred chef worked with local farmers and chefs to create Caymanian dishes in cutting-edge ways. The “Chef Clare Takes Cayman” pop-up included dining events ranging from intimate tasting dinners to a four-course gala finale. Kimpton Seafire plans to host unique culinary events regularly throughout the year, bringing renowned culinary talent to the Cayman Islands.

The resort has a focus on promoting health and wellness, offering in-room yoga mats, beach and paddleboard yoga classes, tai chi flows, complimentary Sun Bum sunscreen lotion at the pool, and more. All of their restaurants’ recipes reflect this theme, as they use fresh and local produce and follow a simple yet innovative approach.


The Restaurant Rundown:



Courtesy of Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa

Ave brings guests the freshest seafood they’ll ever taste. Executive chef Massimo De Francesca perfectly infuses local Caymanian seafood with a coastal Mediterranean flair. Along with the delicious food, all dishes can be perfectly paired with handmade cocktails that feature local exotic fruits.

For breakfast, Ave offers à la carte or buffet style. The freshly made croissants with homemade jam are a must, along with the Cayman Sunshine juice (mango, carrot, ginger, and orange).



Courtesy of Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa

The resort’s dinner-only restaurant serves Spanish-inspired tapas dishes with the ultimate beverage pairing program, featuring Spanish wines along with handmade cocktails. Diners have the option of sitting at the chef’s bar or communal tables for an intimate dining experience of up to 30 guests. At the chef’s bar, nine lucky guests can watch the one-of-a-kind dishes (which change every night) being created right before their eyes.



Lindsay Stein

Located directly on the beach, Coccoloba is the perfect spot for a casual lunch — and don’t forget the margaritas! Here, guests take a break from sunbathing and watersports to snack on gourmet Mexican cuisine with menu items such as fish tacos, fresh ceviche, tostadas, guacamole, and more.


The Pantry

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Nestled in the middle of the Seafire Resort is The Pantry, an on-the-go café offering portable sandwiches, homemade pastries, gourmet coffee, and more. Guests can even pick up some cookie dough to bake in their suites or bungalows. Insider tip: Wake up extra early to snatch one of their first-come, first-serve cronuts — it’s well worth it.