Explore The Lesser-Known Side Of The Famed Party Locale, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is certainly known for its wild party scene, but there is plenty to do and see without pulling an all-night rager. You're never too far from the picturesque coastline, but many people don't consider the fact that a lot of Mexico's beaches, though gorgeous, aren't swimmable.

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I had the opportunity to take a city tour of Los Cabos via Amstar DMC, and here are the highlights of the day (yes, tequila was involved).

Glass Blowing Factory
Visiting the glass blowing factory was a much cooler experience that I initially thought it would be. Though the factory was boiling hot (thanks to the open fire pits, which is what melts the glass), watching these masters heat the colorful glass to create intricate works of art was incredible. The heated glass may have well been taffy given how easily the artisans were able to pull and mold the molten hot material. The shop was filled with hundreds of different types of glass-blown artwork — everything from figurines, earrings, and cocktail stirrers, to kitchenware and ornaments.

Misión de San José del Cabo
The area of San Jose del Cabo is rich in culture and highlights the beautiful architecture of this region. One of the spots we visited was the Iglesia San José del Cabo, founded by Jesuit priests in 1733. This church is gorgeous and has been preserved in its original structure. It maintains a white and cream façade that stands out against the bright blue sky and palms. Moreover, this historic place is one where the community still goes to celebrate its faith and religion.

Tequila Tasting
We continued our exploration of the colorful downtown area, which had a number of shops selling locally made items, bakeries, and, of course, places to taste and learn about tequila. Tequila is everywhere in Cabo! You can buy a bottle at nearly every shop, and often times you're welcomed to your accommodations with a celebratory shot. Most restaurants feature an extensive list of tequilas, as well.

Tequila tastings aren't just countless shots; but rather, sips of the agave-based liquor to allow you to actually taste its quality and more complex flavors. We tried el charro blanco, reposado, and anejo; Reserva don Armando Cristalino (aged and carbon distilled); Kalore, licor de café 20 percent alcohol; flavored sisi tequila in mango and watermelon; as well as a creamy, sweet, Santa Clara Rompooe Sabor Nuez (pecan), which is used in flan and eggnog around the holidays.

Glass-Bottom Boat Tour
One of my favorite activities of the trip was our glass-bottom boat excursion in which we geared up at the (beautiful) marina and headed out to sea to get a look at the famous rock formations at Land's End, including El Arco, one of the most iconic Cabo San Lucas attractions. The water is an intense blue and the views were picture-perfect.

The boat has a literal glass bottom that allows you to see the bright, tropical fish beneath. While boating around the Sea of Cortez, you're also greeted by giant, sunbathing sea lions. These guys are super friendly here and are always on the lookout for a feeding opportunity. The rock formations are epic. You have the opportunity to see Pelican Rock, Neptune's Finger, Lover's and Divorce Beach. My only suggestion: Bring Dramamine if you tend to get sea sick!

Lunch at El Coral
After a full day of adventures, we sat down at El Coral in downtown Cabo San Lucas and indulged in an authentic Mexican midday meal. The restaurant was very colorful and artistically designed. From each wooden chair's unique paint job and design to the mural paintings cover the walls, this was a lively restaurant. We even were serenaded by a mariachi band with guitars and accordions.

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