Do One Of These 6 Odd Things At A Disney Park And You Might End Up Getting Thrown Out

Although it sometimes seems like anything goes at "The Happiest Place on Earth," there are obviously a few things that you can't do at Disneyland or Disney World.

For instance, you can't harass the costumed characters, you can't suddenly decide to lead the Main Street parade yourself, and you can't jump ship on Pirates of the Caribbean to hobnob with the animatronic sailors — no matter how much smuggled rum you consumed. However, there are also a few odd things that will also get you kicked of Disney Parks. In fact, they're so odd, they probably never occurred to you in the first place.

To save you some shame, here are six things that could land you in Disney Jail:

Balloon Possession

Balloons might be ubiquitous at most theme parks, but don't bring one into Animal Kingdom. They are not permitted "for the safety of our animals," according to Disney's website. This is because the popping noise could startle some of the animals, and runaway balloons could make their way into the animals' enclosures and be accidentally (or intentionally) eaten. Additionally, plastic straws and lids are also not allowed in Animal Kingdom either, meaning the animals will just have to drink straight out of cups like the rest of us.

Bringing a Folding Chair

We imagine folks started trying to outsmart the whole "standing in line" thing by bringing folding chairs with them, but sadly, they are no longer allowed at Disney Parks — the chairs, that is, not the people. It only takes one major ruckus with folding chairs to turn Disney World into World Wrestling Entertainment. In the end, Disney dropped that permission like it was The People's Elbow.

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Bringing Wrapped Gifts

All large bags, packages, and parcels need to be inspected upon entry to Disney, which means wrapped presents cannot be brought into the parks. This won't necessarily get you booted from the property, but your kid might want to leave after an employee opens all of their gifts in front of them. (On a related note, employees at the entrances must feel like it's their birthday every day after opening all these presents.)


At Disney, there's always so much to do and so little time — but don't rush from attraction to attraction, as running is not allowed in Disney Parks. This is obviously part of an effort to reduce trips, bumps, and the number of kids who get separated from their families. As Family Guy once pointed out, lost children end up getting forced to work on the "It's A Small World" ride, but they don't need that many child prisoners.

Sporting Objectionable Tattoos

Don't worry ink-lovers, the announcement earlier this year that tattoos are banned in Disney Parks was a hoax. However, "objectionable" words and images are not allowed to be displayed or used by guests — whether it's part of a tattoo or a T-shirt. Of course, this raises the question of what, exactly, qualifies as objectionable. Do the words, "I LOVE SATAN" pass? Perhaps you should just limit your ink to Disney-related themes, like a recreation of one of the nine times Disney characters got drunk.

Wearing a Costume (as an Adult)

Disney is for kids and kids at heart, but only one of those groups is allowed to dress up. "Costumes may not be worn by guests ages 14 or older," the rule states. I bet it was really awkward for the people turned away for this offense.

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