Disneyland, Walt Disney World Prices to Increase in 2018

The move is an attempt to even out crowd sizes

Seeing Cinderella Castle in person is going to cost you quite the pretty penny.

A Disney vacation is already a costly endeavor for a family, and starting Sunday (February 11), it got even more expensive. In an attempt to even out crowds throughout the year (and, presumably, to increase profits), Disney Parks and Resorts announced slight ticket increases for single-day admission at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, ticket prices will rise anywhere between $2 and $11 a day. Disney has what it calls “tiered” pricing for different times of the year and its different parks; they break it down into three ticket categories: value, regular, and peak-priced. A one-day regular pass to Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World’s flagship park, now costs $119 per adult, up from $115. A value ticket costs $109 (a $2 increase) and a peak ticket will run you $129 (up $5).

Meanwhile, single-day tickets to Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios also rose. Adult prices for single-day tickets are now $102 for value (up $3), $114 for regular tickets (up $7), and $122 for peak (a $3 increase).

Luckily, these prices are for walk-up, single-day tickets, which only affects a small percentage of park guests.

The rising prices come on both coasts. Disneyland Resort in California also raised its prices. Regular adult admission now costs $117 per day (up $7), while peak tickets rose an astounding $11 to $135 a day.

With the new, heightened prices, saving money on a Disney vacation is more important now than ever before. Luckily, we have 35 tips, hints, and strategies for doing Disney on a budget.