The Complete Guide To Tipping Abroad: Hotels, Restaurants, Taxis, And More

Tipping can be a terribly confusing experience for international travelers, especially when it comes to restaurants. Some servers expect a decent percentage of the bill to be added as gratuity, and others will flat out refuse any additional money.

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Personally, I've been on both sides of this. As a college student who worked part-time as a waiter, I always lamented getting a table of tourists who had no idea that servers in the U.S. rely on tips to make ends meet. And since I worked in New York City at a famous restaurant that shall remain nameless (OK, it was Planet Hollywood in Times Square; please, no autographs), this was a common occurrence. On the flip side, while living in China, I would occasionally try to slip a few extra kuai to servers who excelled in their job, only to have the money forcefully (but still kindly) put back into my hand.

In light of all this confusion, we at The Daily Meal have compiled a thorough guide to tipping abroad, including appropriate gratuities at restaurants, hotels, in taxis, and in other relevant situations. Using both the always-popular destinations and hottest for 2016 as inspiration, here is the complete guide to tipping in 20 countries around the world.