Check Out Our New Farmers Market Finder On Every City Page

Farmers markets are nothing new, but with #buylocal now a popular hashtag, more and more markets are popping up in every corner of the country (there are now 8,000-plus around the U.S.). The Daily Meal has partnered with Fresh Nation to provide readers with an easy way to scout out farmers markets in your neighborhood or in cities you're visiting.

A unique interactive farmers market map now appears on all 23 of our U.S. city pages (see, for instance, New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles), guiding you to the nearby farmers markets. The simple map places "carrots" over markets all across the city in question. When you click one, more information appears, including the market's weekly schedule and a link to its website if there is one.

We hope our new farmers market finder will make it easier for you to buy and enjoy fresh local produce. And if it isn't convenient for you to go pick out your own goods, Fresh Nation can do it for you in some areas. Fresh Nation's "farmers market professionals" scour neighborhood markets for the best produce and deliver the loot directly to your home or office. Fresh Nation claims to be "even pickier than you." Visit their website to find out if Fresh Nation delivers to your part of the country.