Caesars Palace Las Vegas Celebrates Its 50-Year Anniversary with Special Meals and Deals

This year, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is celebrating 50 years; here’s how they plan to party

"Did Caesar live here?"

The year was 1966. Lyndon Johnson was in the White House, a quarter could buy you a cup of coffee, Frank Sinatra recorded “Strangers in the Night,” and Caesars Palace opened its 680-room, Roman-themed hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. A lot has changed since then, but today the property is still as popular as ever, offering guests upscale accommodations and special culinary opportunities with their Summer of Caesars celebration running through the end of August 2016.

Unlike other properties on the Strip that charge for valet parking, it’s free here — although tipping is obviously appreciated. On weekends, the Colosseum entrance off of Frank Sinatra Boulevard is less busy and a good alternative to the front entrance.

After checking into your room, take time to grab one of the self-guided tour maps in the lobby, which shows you some of the highlights from the hotel’s 50-year history. This includes the fountains adjacent to Las Vegas Boulevard, across which Evel Knievel attempted to jump back in 1967. Or take a look at the life-sized statue of David at Appian Way Shops; touching his big toe is meant to bring good luck. Also, don’t miss the original Roman Tower, now known as the Julius Tower, an homage to Julius Caesar. This 75 million dollar transformation is just one part of Casesars' Golden Anniversary celebration.

Each room also features neutral palettes with colorful accents, upholstered headboards, 55-inch TVs, high-end mattresses, and upscale English bath amenities.

In addition to the 130,000 feet of casino space, there are the Forum Shops, also known as “the shopping wonder of the world.” This expanse features 160 stores, boutiques, and restaurants all in an air conditioned, architecturally inspired space. One of the highlights is the 50,000-gallon salt water aquarium with all manner of colorful fish and sea life.

Of course, Las Vegas is also known for its food, and many come to Caesars to sample its culinary offerings. During the Summer of Caesars promotion, diners can enjoy NY-style pizza at Di Fara Pizza for just $19.66 (after the year the hotel opened), a three-course prix-fixe menu for $50 at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, or an Old Homestead Burger, a Rolling Smoke cocktail, and a San Cristobal Elegancia cigar for just $50 at the Montecristo Cigar Bar.


Photos courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Since true food lovers are always looking for something exceptional, why stop there? Make a reservation at MR. CHOW, an innovator of Chinese cuisine for 47 years. His iconic restaurants include locations in Miami, London, New York, Beverly Hills, and now at Caesars Palace® in Las Vegas.

After gaining access via an elevator to the second floor, you will immediately be able to tell that this will be unlike any Chinese restaurant you have ever experienced. The circular room is a crisp white, as are the uniforms of the waitstaff and the table linens. You should also be able to catch the aroma of lilies in the air as MR. CHOW employs a florist to care for these flowers daily. You might also feel like a VIP as a team of four, each of which are assigned a specific task, attends to your needs during your visit. Even the table is unique, as the center is lit from below with a spotlight to illuminate colorful orchids.

MR CHOW clearly wanted to create a visual and sensory culinary experience here, and looking above, you will see a three-piece kinetic art sculpture that opens, lowers, and moves in a mesmerizing fashion every 30 minutes.

This isn’t the only theatrical entertainment you will encounter, however, as there is also a noodle show. In this case, the chef comes out of the kitchen, and with a thunderous slap of the dough against a trolley, he starts to stretch and pull the dough into long strands and then into thousands of noodles to the delight of his audience.

Start with one of their special 50/50 anniversary cocktails made with Martell X.O cognac, red shiso syrup, yuzu juice, and yumberry liqueur. Next, your server will ask about your food preferences and make recommendations accordingly. MR. CHOW serves food communal style, the way you would find in a traditional Beijing home, so that everyone can enjoy a taste.

Sample some of the appetizers like glazed prawns, spring rolls, and chicken satay. One of the secrets to the light and vibrant taste of the cuisine is the high heat used in the woks, which quickly seals in the flavor.

For your entrée, you should try the classic handmade Beijing noodles with red beans and green prawns that have been marinated in spinach. Then also go for their signature Beijing Duck, carved right at your table. The process to create this is arduous and involves marinating the meat and using compressed air to separate the skin from the meat. The result is an outside skin that is deliciously crispy and meat that is cooked to perfection.

Whether you are planning a quick holiday or an extended vacation, you’ll find that Caesars Palace has learned something about hospitality in their 50-year history. They discovered how to satisfy travelers longing for quality accommodations, top-notch entertainment, and palate-pleasing dining options that will leave guests feeling like an emperor.


This was a sponsored visit; however, all opinions herein are the author’s.