The Best Egg Tarts in Hong Kong

The best egg tarts in Hong Kong aren’t always where you’d think

Hong Kong egg tarts have a large following.

Oh, the ubiquitous Hong Kong egg tart. Much like a brownie or a chocolate chip cookie in the United States, almost everyone in this city has a strong opinion on how they like their egg tarts. What used to be a simple pastry crust with sweet egg custard filling has turned into a plethora of egg white tarts, honey-egg tarts, chocolate tarts, green tea tarts – the list goes on.

With so many options, how is one to choose? So many tarts and so little time. I enlisted the help of an esteemed panel of judges, both expats and locals, all with a serious sweet tooth. We lined up seven tasty egg tarts from all over Hong Kong and got to “work.” Did Tai Cheong’s famous egg tart make the top of the list? Read on and find out!

#6 (Tie): Arome Egg White Tart

This was easily the prettiest of the bunch and certainly one of the less traditional tarts we tried, but it left much to be desired. The crust was “nice,” but the filling had the consistency of whipped cream, leading one taster to say, “I don’t really want to finish it.”

#6 (Tie):  Hoixe Egg Tart

Hoixe’s egg tart had a “weird clay aftertaste,” and several judges agreed the custard was just too solid for their liking. If you’re going to hit up Hoixe for dessert, their other pastries might be the way to go.

#5: Tsui Wah Egg Tart

Tsui Wah’s restaurants are better known for their delicious food, but pay closer attention and you might find a warm egg tart with your name on it. This crust was the flakiest of them all with a lesser sweet custard filling, something we agreed might appeal to more traditional tastes.

#4: Bakery King Egg Tart

With a name like Bakery King, this had to be good. Well, not had to, but luckily, it was. The crust had “particularly good structural integrity,” which is code for, “My egg tart didn’t fall apart on the first bite.” All in all, a solid choice of tarts.

#3: Door Door Egg Tart

While many of the egg tarts in the lineup are from chain bakeries, Door Door’s sole location is in Mei Foo — and clearly the tarts are worth it. This custard had a perfectly creamy consistency, but the sweetness was a little heavy for some tasters.

#2: Tai Cheong Egg Tart

These egg tarts from “Hong Kong’s most loved egg tart bakery” gained fame as the favorite of Hong Kong’s final British governor, Chris Patten. Tai Cheong’s version of the dessert is milder with a less eggy flavor, but it definitely commands serious respect from our taste buds.

#1: Door Door Portuguese Egg Tart


The results are in, and the panel’s favorite is the Portuguese style egg tart from Door Door bakery. While we enjoyed the ever-so-slightly caramelized custard, the crust also left quite a favorable impression – a puff pastry that was chewy, flaky, and delicious. If you ever find yourself in Mei Foo, make sure to pick one up. If not, get on the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) - these tarts are worth it!