Are You Brave Enough To Eat These 12 Popular Street Foods Around The World?

The most exciting aspect of traveling is opening your mind to new things, which can most easily be accomplished by trying new cuisines. Each country's cuisine is different and unique to the destination, depending on what ingredients are used and the techniques implemented.

Slideshow: Are You Brave Enough to Eat These 12 Popular Street Foods Around the World?

These days you can find nearly any specific cuisine being recreated elsewhere in the world, but there are still several you'll have to travel to find — or see to believe. Our adventurous side is always looking for something exciting to do or try, but is eating a 3-week old duck fetus (bones and all) pushing the envelope a bit too far? If your answer was no, then make your way to the Philippines for some freshly boiled balut. If balut doesn't sound like something you'd try, check out the other foods on this list you may (or may not) be brave enough to taste. Fried tarantulas, anyone?