Are You Aware It’s Burger Awareness Week in Hong Kong?

Because Food and Wine Month just wasn’t enough.

It's Burger Awareness Week in Hong Kong, and you should take full advantage of it.

From now until Saturday, a group of burger lovers are setting out to turn Hong Kong into the “burger capital of the East” during Burger Awareness Week. The event website features a searchable map of 17 of the best delicious burger joints in the city. You can filter them based on price, ingredients, or accessories to find your perfect fit. (Yes, milkshakes count as an accessory.)

Several partners are also offering specials in honor of the occasion. The Butchers Club Burgers created “The Truck Stop,” an old-school patty melt with grilled sweet onions and dripping with melted cheddar. Feeling thirsty? Head in to Soi 7 for a free draft beer with your Thai-inspired burger or Burger Joys for a shot of Jim Beam 24/7. Mrs. Pound, a Sheung Wan speakeasy, is even offering free burgers from 5-8 p.m. every night -- call it happy hour for burgers.


Can’t wait to try them all? The main event for Burger Awareness Week is a Burger Tour happening this Wednesday in Wan Chai. For $250, you can taste four signature burgers in just one night -- which means just thirteen more to go. Good luck!