Anguilla Gets Its First ‘Rhum’ Bar

Lovers of rum and lovers of sun unite at Zemi Beach House Resort’s new rum bar, the Rhum Room

And you haven't even see the view outside yet. (Scroll down for that.)

Given the immense popularity of rum in the Caribbean, it’s shocking that a country like Anguilla is just getting its first rum bar — and yet, here we are. Anguilla finally has a luxurious rum bar to meet the demand of tourists and locals alike, and it’s called the Rhum Room. Not only is the bar brand new, but it’s also part of a recently opened luxury boutique resort on the island, Zemi Beach House Resort & Spa.

Situated on six acres adjacent to Anguilla’s Fountain Cavern National Park, this new hotspot blends contemporary residential style with the island’s rich history and traditions. Traditions like the drinking of rum, which we need to get back to.

Zemi_Oceanfront Infinity Pool

Zemi Beach House

Looking to try the quintessential Anguilla cocktail? Try this refreshing spin on rum punch — made the Anguillian way.

Boasting over 100 small-batch, single-estate rums that recall the Caribbean’s eighteenth-century sugar plantations, the Rhum Room is a refined and elegant tasting room and the perfect setting for late night cocktails or private tastings. It’s also just steps away from one of the world’s best beaches, Shoal Bay East, so try to avoid bolting toward the water after a few samples. Or go for it; it’s your vacation.


Guests can delve into the world of rum with a specially curated “Rhum Flight,” featuring a selection of rums handpicked by the house rummelier (a sommelier of rum) to give guests a true taste of the Caribbean, and showcase the various styles and diverse taste profiles — including Appleton Estate 50 Year Old, which is said to be the oldest rum available for sale, and limited to just 800 bottles worldwide. Take it from us: The rum, like the resort and its home island of Anguilla, is a rare gem that simply must be experienced.