Andrew Zimmern's 9 Favorite Sandwiches Around the World Slideshow

Smoked Meat Sandwich at Mile End (Brooklyn)

Mile End is a Brooklyn delicatessen specializing in Zimmern's favorite smoked meat sandwich.

The Jewish deli also serves up sandwich fillers like duck pastrami, smoked mackerel, and chopped chicken liver smothered on bread loaves of pumpernickel, rye, and challah.

Prosciutto Sandwich at Pitti Palace (Florence, Italy)

When visiting Florence, Zimmern enjoys stopping at what he calls 'a little salumeria' near the Pitti Palace for a classic prosciutto sandwich.

Pitti Palace, also known as Palazzo Pitti, is a Renaissance palace previously used by the Medici family and Napoleon and now houses an array of galleries, garden grounds, and museums.

“You can grab your sandwich and walk through the gardens,” Zimmern said, referring to the Boboli Gardens located behind the palace.

Steamed Pork Buns (China)

When in China, Zimmern loves to feast on steamed pork buns.

Steamed pork buns are a Chinese dim sum treat served in cities large and small that consist of a steamed, fluffy bun filled with roasted barbecue pork.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich at Barney Greengrass (New York City)

Barney Greengrass is a New York City restaurant with an almost 100-year-old history that serves up an extensive menu of classic deli eats like bagels, salads, cold cuts, and Zimmern's favorite smoked salmon sandwich.

Fish Taco Torta at Tilia (Minneapolis)

When at home in Minneapolis, Zimmern heads to Tilia for his a tasty serving of fish taco torta, which is priced at $10 and comes with creamy Peppadew pepper slaw, cilantro, lime, and tortilla chips.

Roasted White Fish Sandwich

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Another one of Zimmern's favorite sandwiches is a roasted white fish sandwich.

Smoked Meat Sandwich at Schwartz's (Montreal)

Schwartz's is a Jewish delicatessen in Montreal that serves up one of Andrew Zimmern's favorite carnivorous sandwiches.

“They make a killer smoked meat sandwich,” said Zimmern.

Besides smoked meat sandwiches, Schwartz's offers up lunchtime delights like steak, turkey, chicken, and salami sandwiches.

Fried Fish Sandwich at Richard's Bake and Shark (Moracas Bay, Trinidad)

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The fried fish sandwich at Richard's Bake and Shark is composed of fried filet, fried roti bread, and an abundance of condiments.

In addition to being one of Zimmern's favorite fish sandwiches, The Daily Meal also considers it one of the 10 Classic Caribbean dishes travelers must indulge while in the region.

Roast Pork Sandwich at John's Roast Pork (Philadelphia)

John's Roast Pork claims to be the home of the original roast pork sandwich, which costs only $6.50 for a large, meaty sandwich.

Other sandwiches on the menu include chicken parmesan, roast beef, cheesesteak, meatball, and Italian sausage.