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97A Hoyt St
Brooklyn NY 11217
(718) 852-7510
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Erin J.

Erin J., Contributor

Much Ado About Meat. Mile End is not a delicatessan for the faint of heart. But if you have a voracious appetite for a sandwich chocked full of meat, this is the place to go. Mile End is an updated, modern take on the classic Jewish deli. From perfectly smoked brisket... Read More

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Foursquare Tips
jillian dino
The pickles and slaw are super vinegary - just as they are meant to be
Serious Eats
We're not huge fans of the wildly popular smoked meat, but the loosely modern Jewish dinner menu is excellent.
Dannel Jurado
Village Voice
Village Voice is excited to have Mile End at the 2012 ChoiceEats food fest! Full list of restaurants here:
NYC: The Official Guide
Smoked-meat sandwich: All-natural beef. A healthy dose of garlic. Cured in 18 freshly ground spices for 11 days, smoked for 8 hours, steamed for 4 more and then hand-sliced. It's what you're ordering.
jake furst
i never thought i'd say this, but their smoked meat rivals katz's pastrami for best jewish sandwich in the city. montreal-style jew food mecca that moses would be proud of.
Time Out New York
Try the restorative Whole Mishpucha, a hearty, family-style matzo ball soup. It’s one of our #100best dishes and drinks of 2011.
Food Network
Host of Meat & Potatoes, Rahm Fama samples the Smoked Meat Sandwich, dripping with juices, that takes center stage at Mile End Deli, a Montreal-style Jewish deli. Find more tips at FN Local.
Montreal Smoked Meat, Mustard, On Rye.
They serve excellent smoked meat sandwiches by day, and innovative takes on Jewish classics at night. Great neighborhood spot; also worth the schlep across the river. [Eater 38 Member]
We know they do a bang-up job at all the Canadian-style favorites here, but have you tried the turkey sandwich? Brined, smoked, steamed, and sliced to order: Featured in Cheap Eats 2011!
Cooking Channel
Really, truly, one of the best brisket sandwiches I’ve ever had. - Lee Anne Wong, Unique Eats
It’s the ultimate in handcrafted retro deli pleasure here, where you must try the pastrami on rye with a Brooklyn-brined pickle. Featured in Where to Eat 2011!
National Post
Montreal smoked meat gives New York pastrami run for its money as Zagat names the “Montreal Jewish delicatessen in Brooklyn,” the best deli in New York City. More at the link:
The Corcoran Group
You must try the smoked meat sandwich, the poutine and the sour pickles. They are closed daily from 4.30-5.30. Not much in the way of seating, so be prepared to wait.
Vaughn Allen
This is a top 5 NYC bagel. And a beautiful Brooklyn vibe.
Justin D
Try everything at some point. consistency across the board. Craving a smoked meat hash now! Staff rocks - get here if you haven't yet.. they're also open late for dinner if you're in the hood.
Village Voice
Get The Beauty: house-cured lox is silky & plush, w/ capers scattered across surface. Paper-thin shavings of purple onion on cream cheese provide a nice counterpoint to the more robust ingredients.
The Wall Street Journal
The bagels here aren't merely Montreal style: They're baked in Montreal and trucked over the border each morning. Popular brunch items include the brisket hash and the house-cured lox.
For a real taste of Montreal. Borscht, house-made pickles and salmon-jammed bagels. Go WAY early for the smoked brisket. Runs out by 2pm.
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