8 Amazing Restaurants You Can Only Reach By Foot

In the past we've done stories on restaurants in the middle of nowhere in America, as well as those that are in the middle of nowhere internationally, but there are several amazing restaurants around the world that are not only remote, but can be physically exhausting to get to. There aren't many that you can only reach by foot, but if you get a chance to visit any of them you'll be glad you did.

8 Amazing Restaurants You Can Only Reach by Foot Slideshow

Some, like the Tampu Restaurant at Machu Picchu (which made our list of one of the world's best restaurants for a sunset view), can be reached by taking a train and a light stroll (or a 60 mile hike if you really want to make it difficult for yourself), while others require a much more rigorous approach, such as China's Hua Shan Teahouse, which you'll practically have to scale a mountain to reach — it's really a treacherous walk with steep walkways and a narrow plank that'll force you to hug the mountain to cross.