9 Best Places To Celebrate Chinese New Year Around The World

The most important holiday in China will be celebrated around the world this coming weekend. Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival as it's also called, will start on Jan. 28 and run for the first 15 days of the first month. The Chinese lunar calendar is different each year based on the second new moon in the winter solstice.  

Slideshow: 9 Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year Around the World

2017 is the Year of the Rooster, so you'll see rooster and hen decorations at parades and events around the world. To welcome the new year, people clean their homes and give gifts of red (usually a red envelope with money) for good luck and prosperity. During this time, families come together to feast and enjoy one another's company. The holiday usually ends with a Lantern Festival on the last day.

From San Francisco to Taipei, Taiwan, you can celebrate the Chinese New Year anywhere in the world by attending the parades and events taking place in these cities. You can watch the traditional celebratory performances such as the lion and dragon dances, and eat the traditional dishes of good luck including spring rolls and sweet rice dumplings. If you can, make your way to one of the cities on this list to celebrate the centuries-old tradition of the Chinese New Year.