8 Of The Worst Airlines For Food

What's the deal with airline food?

No, we're not quoting a line from a stand-up comedian's set; we're asking a legitimate question. It's 2016 and passengers shouldn't still be eating meals that are worse than even the lowliest TV dinners. You know how we know this? Because plenty of airlines offer good food nowadays — even in coach.

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Almost as bad as having lousy food is having no food at all. Some airlines, including major American carriers, don't provide anything other than peanuts or pretzels, even if passengers are willing to pay. This is inexcusable. We get that airplanes aren't restaurants, but when you're going to be stuck in a giant metal tube for several hours, a little sustenance between gates would be nice.

With more than 350 commercial carriers in the world, we couldn't possibly touch on or evaluate every single one — especially some of the more obscure regional airlines. (Try this site for looking up specific companies.) Instead, this list combines some of the most notorious offenders in the world and some sad situations found on airlines you've probably already flown with. These are eight of the worst airlines for food.