8 Best Poolside Bars in Las Vegas

If your idea of a Vegas vacation involves enjoying drinks beside a pool, here are the 8 best places to do so in Sin City
8 Best Poolside Bars in Las Vegas


Tropical drinks and Las Vegas go together like gambling and regret.

Although Las Vegas is often thought to be hot, dry, and sunny year-round, this is actually not the case. The average temperature drops below 70 degrees sometime in November, and the high highs don’t return until mid-Spring. So while sunbathing, swimming, drinking, eating, gambling, and watching shows might seem like the constant norm in Sin City, you’ll actually have to limit yourself to only drinking, eating, gambling and watching shows for about six months out of the year. (Darn it!) Unless you’re particularly brave. Even then, many outdoor pools and their bars close during the coldest months.

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However, once the weather heats up, there are a ton of enticing locations for taking a dip or lounging around by the water while also sipping on something cold and refreshing. With such a huge number of options, though, combing through them all to find the best can be a daunting task.

After all, evaluating the best pool bars involves more than just a glance at the cocktail list. Of course that’s important too, but we also considered variables like the quality and size of the actual pools, the amount and variety of seating options (you’re not just going to pony up to the bar, right?), and the atmosphere, which can range from serene and relaxing to lively and rowdy.


With these aspects in mind, here are the 8 best poolside bars in Las Vegas. No matter what your wants or needs, you’ll find the perfect destination on this list.