4 Wacky Food Utensils From Abroad You Need To Have

Maybe you don’t need these, per se, but they certainly are fun

It may look like a regular fork, but it's actually the combination of a fork, knife, and spoon.

There are plenty of kitchen utensils and gadgets from abroad that you wouldn’t find in America. There are even more gadgets in America that you wouldn’t find abroad, because you don’t really need them in the first place. Either way, they exist, they are wacky, and some of them are so wacky that you need to have them in your kitchen just because they make you laugh.

We wish the electric spaghetti twirler were on this list, but alas, that is an American device.

Bear Paw Oven Mitts (France)

These oh-so-cute oven mitts are shaped like the claws of a grizzly bear, nails and all. The not-so-cute part is the exorbitant price: €28 ($32).

Diablo Jaffle Iron (South Africa)

A regular jaffle iron is sort of like a mix between tongs and a George Foreman Grill. Wacky? Yes. Basically, you place an unheated cheese sandwich inside the cast iron portion of the device and hold it over a fire so it cooks. What’s even wackier is a jaffle iron shaped like the head of the devil, horns and all.

Potato Chip Grabber (Japan)

Love potato chips but hate how oily they make your fingers? Japan has a solution. Potato chip grabbers are sort of like those back scratchers, but click a button and the fingers grasp items like potato chips or popcorn. Think about how much easier your life would be without those greasy fingers.

Splayd (Australia)

The splayd combines a spoon, fork, and knife — all the essentials in one. What more could you ask for? 

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