4 Strange Things Australians Eat

Whether you've been to Australia or not, you likely already know that the country is unique in various ways. They have their own pronunciations of words (they abbreviate just about everything), use unique food terms that make no sense to the rest of us (like asking for an "Adam's ale" when you want water), and enjoy foodstuffs that outsiders probably find strange. Some popular Aussie foods that may seem unusual include:


Chicken Flavored Salt

Said to have an umami flavor, it is still hard to wrap our heads around a salt intended to taste like chicken with dried skin bits mixed into the salt. It is used as a condiment for anything from fries to (obviously) chicken. It's now being sold abroad through Amazon, but what's interesting is that one of the most widely popular versions of this condiment is actually vegan.



Most who try this are told that the dark brown paste is an acquired taste, due to its bitter and salty flavor. But Aussies go crazy for vegemite and will defend it against anyone who doesn't share the same love for it. It is made by the yeast extract left over from brewers, with the addition of vegetables and spices. The spread is usually eaten plain on a slab of bread.


Witchetty Grub

Debatably the strangest Australian food of all: witchetty grub. Originally a great source of protein for Aboriginal Australians, this wood-eating larva can now be found at supermarkets across the country, mostly as a soup. Those that have eaten it say it that it tastes like an almond when raw, and like a chicken or fried egg when eaten cooked. Although I believe them I'm still not sure that's enough to make me try it.


Kangaroo Meat

Australia's national animal is also a commonly eaten meat. You'll find kangaroo in supermarkets and on restaurant menus across the country. Some may not see this as strange since so many places in the world eat various local animals for meat, but until 2010 (when Australia started exporting the meat to other countries) you could only find kangaroo in Australia or Papau New Guinea.