20 Best Bakeries in America 2016

Looking for the best baked goods in America? Try any of these 20 brilliant bakeries

Sullivan Street Bakery is scrumptious, but is it the best in America?

Even though bread can be bought at any corner store, supermarket, or Walmart, there’s still nothing like sinking your teeth into a fresh-baked loaf. Unless, of course, you’re eating a fresh-baked pastry, cake, cupcake, cookie, or other sweet treat instead. But what are the absolute best places in America that are still baking today?

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When we first made our list of the 75 best bakeries in America back in 2014, it was based on a pool of 6,700 bakeries that had been narrowed down to 200, which was narrowed down further via a survey sent out to our panel of experts. The list was eventually narrowed down to a top 10 in a later version. However, one thing we noticed with this technique was that New York City absolutely dominated the list. Part of this is due to the fact that NYC actually has some of the best bakeries (and food in general) in the entire country. Another part was thanks to the large number of people voting, as well as the abundance of attention locations are more likely to receive while operating under a larger, city-based spotlight.


This time we tried to control for those factors. We entered our previous top finalists and some new additions into a spreadsheet, used data from our previous lists to score the survey results (which were weighted), and then added additional scores for social media popularity, stars on Yelp, and other awards and accolades the bakeries have won. The new scores were all totaled up, and here is the resulting top 20 — fresh out of the oven.