101 Best Food Trucks In America

Operating a successful food truck requires equal parts heart and culinary chops. Tight parking spaces, pesky traffic cops, cramped kitchens, and streets congested with competition are just a few of the obstacles a food truck must overcome. But every year, more and more food truck owners start the engine, driven by a passion for cooking and the desire to share their innovative culinary concepts with the world (or at least their neighborhood).

While thousands of trucks roll around the country serving delicious meals to millions of customers, we have selected 101 food trucks that we have deemed, "The Best in America."To create our ranking of this year's 101 Best Food Trucks in America, we first drew inspiration from The Daily Meal's previous lists as well as other food truck and city guides.

101 Best Food Trucks in America

We then hit the internet, scouring review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zomato, and the trucks' social media followings. The new additions to this year's list deviate from traditional food truck fare and are introducing customers to lesser known dishes such as jianbing (Chinese savory crepes) and om gai (spicy herbed chicken thinly sliced in a chile-paste broth). And although many of the trucks on our list are longtime staples, we have added some newcomers to the list like Rollin Fatties in New Orleans, Boteco in Austin, and the mouth-watering Bobo's Chicken in Oklahoma City. Did your favorite food truck make the list? These are the 101 best food trucks in America.