10 Unique Places To Celebrate New Year's Eve

Some cultures and religious denominations follow different calendars, but much of the world celebrates New Year's Eve on the last day of the Gregorian calendar, Dec. 31. Though many of us share this holiday, the customs and traditions with which we observe it differ from place to place.

10 Unique Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve

With the new year quickly approaching, people are beginning to shed the skin of the past year and preparing to start fresh again on Jan. 1 with a  blank slate, a tabula rasa. There are different ways to do this: Some make a list of resolutions. Others bathe in icy waters or toss old furniture out the window or burn effigies (Hey, to each his or her own.)

There's nothing wrong with the same old New Year's Eve parties at home — but to really start 2017 off in an unforgettable way, consider traveling to one of these destinations for a quirky celebration unlike any other.