10 Most Terrifying Attractions For Halloween Slideshow

Blackout Haunted House: New York, N.Y.

Testing the limits of even the most seasoned haunted house veteran, Blackout Haunted House admits no one under 18 and makes all participants walk through alone, with nothing but a flashlight. They ask that you not talk while you're finding your way through the house, but you are allowed to scream.

You'll need nourishment post-scare, so head to The Shop at the Andaz Hotel nearby. They've got hot tea and stiff drinks — whichever works to calm you down.

Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride: Philadelphia, Penn.

With three frightening experiences, The Bates Motel is the triple crown of terror. Take a hayride through hell as you roll through a real slaughterhouse, step cautiously through the Bates Motel, and beware of the swamp-filled corn maze. From moving floorboards to werewolf chases, this terrifying motel is no child's play.

Sink your teeth into a classic Philly cheesesteak when it's all over at the famed Tony Luke's.

Haunted Forest: American Fork, Utah

There's no point in running through the Haunted Forest. With more than 220,000 square feet, it will take you an hour to reach the end. Face off against creatures from all corners of the wood, and don't forget to look up. From the chill in the air to the chill in your bones, this haunted forest is as real as it gets.

Afterward, spring for something sweet, like a strawberry cream-filled cupcake, at Flour Girls & Dough Boys

Run For Your Lives

In the Run For Your Lives 5K zombie run, you'll race through muddied forests and obstacle courses as zombies chase you down. Celebrate your finish at the apocalypse party, where runners and zombies party together, Monster-Mash style, with plenty of food, drink, and live music. The run tours the country, with stops in Baltimore, Atlanta, and Boston in the coming months.

USS Nightmare: Newport, Ky.

Take your fears to the high seas on board the USS Nightmare, a retired steamboat that now serves up daily doses of terror. Walk through the cabins, but beware each turn; you never know who is waiting for you around the corner. Scream your way through 288 feet of mice, chainsaws, and tossing seas.

Twenty minutes away in Cincinnati, head to Boca for a meal so good it will make you forget all about that crazy boat until it comes back to haunt your dreams.

Haunted Montrose & Old Slaughterhouse: Montrose, Ga.

On a remote stretch of land in Montrose, Ga., this Old Slaughterhouse will take your appetite away... permanently. Learn the story of the slaughter family and see the horrific deeds they committed. With no one around for miles to hear you scream, this haunted house is the ultimate scare. They'll make you feel safe with a cup of hot cocoa afterward, but don't let your guard down just yet.

Witch’s Woods Haunted Hayride: Westford, Mass.

With no walls to protect you, Witch's Woods Haunted Hayride is no leisurely drive through the woods. As you try to outrun the witches, zombies, and werewolves who inhabit this forest, keep your eyes trained on the surrounding fog. You never know who may be dragging themselves onto your bale of hay.

Steel yourself just enough to find a table at the nearby Outlook Restaurant, where succulent burgers await.

House of Torment: Austin, Texas

With two heart-stopping haunted houses, House of Torment is a double dose of fear. Start at The Reckoning and battle your way through a cloned army of the dead. If your legs can withstand yet another fright, enter Cursed Island where you'll face off against blood-thirsty pirates and savages. You'll need all your wits to get out alive.

The only thing that'll set you straight again is a plate of ribs or a pulled pork sandwich from Franklin BBQ.

Lone Pine Corn Maze: Junction City, Ore.

It may be friendly during the day, but The Lone Pine Corn Maze becomes a terrifying maze by night. You never know who is waiting just around the corner as you twist and turn through 10 acres, but you can hear the screams. Wind your way through the headless horseman-themed maze as the night grows darker and the screams get louder.

Stop by Beppe and Gianni's Trattoria where homemade ravioli awaits as your reward for making it out alive.

The Dent Schoolhouse: Cincinnati, Ohio

Discover the cruel fate of the children at The Dent Schoolhouse. As you walk through desolate classrooms, determine who the murderer is, before he finds you! See the swinging bodies of the victims as you learn the dark secrets of the schoolhouse basement.

Grab a stiff drink and delicious pub food at The Neighbors as you try to shake off the schoolhouse shock.