10 Most Popular Travel Destinations of 2016

Take a look at this year’s most popular destinations according to a recent credit card company study
Bangkok temple


Can you guess this No. 1 worthy view?

As 2016 wraps up and we look ahead to the travel possibilities of 2017, it’s interesting to see which destinations were most popular this year. Recently, MasterCard did a study of 132 cities and destinations, ranking them in order of most-visited and fastest-growing. It released the annual Global Destinations Cities Index report for 2016 using data from tourists’ spending.


You’ll notice that a handful of the top 10 cities are in Asia. As the GDCI report states, the results show “changes in regional dynamics, especially in the AsiaPacific region.”

10 Most Popular Travel Destinations of 2016

A new city claimed the No. 1 position this year, bumping London out of the top spot from 2015. Also in the top 10 is Seoul, which we expect to become an even larger travel destination in 2017.


Check out which cities made the cut as the 10 most popular travel destinations of 2016 with millions of visitors.