10 Countries Where You Didn’t Know Most People Speak English

Worried about a language barrier with international travel? These 10 countries have a surprising amount of English speakers
English Speaking Countries

Brian Sheehan previews our list of the 10 countries where you didn't know most people speak English.

10 Countries Where You Didn’t Know Most People Speak English


Singapore is a city, a country, and a place where a surprising amount of people speak English.

Language barriers can be tough. If you’ve ever visited a country and felt like no one understands you, it can make taking tours, getting directions, ordering food, or even asking for the bathroom quite tricky and sometimes positively frustrating.

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Of course, it’s always wise to learn a few words or phrases in the local tongue before jetting off to an international location, but sometimes it’s simply easier to just go somewhere where you know communication will be easy. The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, and a number of island territories of England and the United States are the obvious options, but you might be surprised at some of the other places where English is the official language, or at least a very common second language.

Still, if you encounter someone who knows English, but clearly speaks another as their primary method of communication, it’s always more respectful (and a good learning experience) to attempt the other language first — even if it's just to say "Good morning" or "Thank you" in the local idiom. But when all else fails, you’ll at least have good ol’ English to fall back on in the following 10 countries (listed with their respected percentage of citizens proficient in English).

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