10 Best National Parks In America For A Picnic

Now that we're officially a month into spring, it's time to start putting away winter clothes, pulling out shorts of the pant and sleeve varieties, and emerging from hibernation to enjoy the great outdoors. Saturday, April 23 also happens to be National Picnic Day, so what better way to take advantage of the weather than by packing a meal for two (or one... or 10) and appreciating the blue skies and sunny days?

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We recently told you about the best restaurants in 20 national parks across America, but that's only for folks who want to consume their food indoors like some kind of fancy human — instead of amongst the greenery, as Mother Nature surely intended.  Let's change gears and examine some of the best picnicking spots.

What makes a good picnicking spot anyway? Obviously you'll need space, lest your blanket encroach on that of another — or, alternatively, you might be the table type (how elegant!), so having a solid amount of those can be important as well. If you plan to stay awhile, restrooms can also prove useful, and if you plan on eating anything hot, fire grates are a nice bonus too.

Of course, not all of this is necessary, but the more the merrier, right? Having the option to customize your experience allows for the widest appeal, and makes the most people happy. With these criteria in mind, let's get to the parks.