Travel Tips From Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

Chefs rarely stay in one place, and chef Nobu Matsuhisa of Nobu 57 is no exception — with 24 restaurants in 13 countries, you do the math. And he's not stopping anytime soon: In the next month, Matsuhisa will take off with Crystal Cruise's Serenity ship for a personalized cruise. The chef will be signing cookbooks, giving cooking demonstrations, and hosting intimate dinners for guests.

Bon Appétit caught up with Matsuhisa to find out how he stays sane while globe-trotting. Some of his best-kept travel secrets:

• Say no to the chicken and beef in-flight. How does Matsuhisa avoid gross in-flight food? He says to eat a big meal before you leave, and load up on the salad and soups on the plane. Besides, "Eating a lot on the plane is not good for jet lag," he said to Bon Appétit.

• Speaking of jet lag, fight it off with exercise: Matsuhisa exercises every morning to fight off the tired feelings.

• Pack the essentials in the right bag: To pack for the ever-changing weather, he says he packs for both seasons (especially in Australia or Tokyo, where the seasons are reversed). In his Prada shoulder bag and Tumi rolling bag carry-ons? Exercise clothes, swim goggles, and Bose noise-reduction headphones.

• International travelers, save time in customs: Programs like the Global Entry card or the iris scan can save you from hours of standing in line, says Matsuhisa.

• Fly Matsuhisa's airline of choice for extra comfort: What airline provides a private first-class experience? Singapore Airlines, Matsuhisa says.