Novelty Irish Tunes for St. Patrick’s Day

We’ve covered your bar crawl, now let’s get down to the fun songs of St. Patrick’s Day

As we get into the last few remaining days before St. Patrick’s Day, one of the final touches to hosting a bash is having the right music. And it seems only fair that you celebrate an Irish holiday with Irish tunes, agreed?

So we did the leg work, and have compiled a serious list of songs that are perfect for your St. Paddy’s Day bash. Whether your party is a party for one or 100, you can’t go wrong by adding a few of these to the queue, and your guests will be impressed that you actually did your homework.

Now, before you take a listen, remember that these songs are as Irish as they come and though some might not make any sense, embrace it and just sing away, some of these were written as novelty numbers by Jewish songwriters in New York City in the teens and '20s, so there's an interesting mix.

Here's our list of Novelty Irish Tunes. If you want to listen on Spotify, head here.

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1. My Wild Irish Rose
2. Danny Boy
3. Galway Bay
4. It's a Great Day for the Irish
5. A Little Bit of Heaven
6. I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover
7. Peg o' My Heart
8. That's an Irish Lullaby
9. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
10. McNamara's Band
11. Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder
12. With My Shillelagh Under My Arm
13. My Grandfather's Clock
14. Harrigan
15. If You're Irish Come Into the Parlour 
16. Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?