Tour Group Spotted Cooking Noodles In Airport

Airport food has a reputation for being very expensive and not usually very tasty or healthful, but most people just deal with it to the best of their abilities and wait until they're home before making a big, home-cooked meal. This week, however, a group of tourists at Hong Kong Airport actually plugged in an electric kettle and made themselves a big pot of noodles in the departure terminal while other travelers looked on.


According to Shanghaiist, the tourists were sitting at their gate in the international departures terminal of Hong Kong Airport at around 9 p.m. when they surprised other travelers by taking out an electric kettle, filling it up with water, and plugging it into one of the wall outlets so they could cook some noodles.


One of the other passengers waiting for the flight to London videotaped the group, and said they kept cooking and eating noodles for nearly 40 minutes, and that they didn't seem to mind the side-eye they were getting from their fellow travelers. He did specify that they at least cleaned up after themselves and didn't leave a mess behind when they were finished with their meal.


Airport officials would really prefer this sort of thing not go on, and they issued a statement reminding travelers that outlets are intended for charging laptops and mobile devices, not for hosting impromptu dinner parties.


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