Top-Notch Wedding Trends

Throw tradition out the window — the world of weddings has gotten a bit more exciting than the usual pearls and roses.

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First of all, weddings these days are more colorful. Not only have wedding dresses deepened in hue thanks to Vera Wang's pink, black, and red stunners at the 2013 shows and celebrities like Jessica Biel and Amber Tamblyn donning brights down the aisle, but color schemes as a whole have gotten punchier. 

Colors like pink, tangerine, fuchsia, and gold have spiked in the world of weddings, showing up on everything from bridesmaids' gowns to wedding cakes to centerpieces. 

Weddings have also grown up in the culinary department. Brides and grooms are taking risks when it comes to the menu —modern twists on cocktail hours, comfort food at the reception, and substituting cheeses, cupcakes, macarons, and donuts for a traditional wedding cake are showing up at more and more nuptials.

We're not giving away all the trends just yet — flip through our slideshow to get a glimpse of what not to miss when planning your big day in the upcoming year.