Top 11 Australian Food Festivals

In addition to sunbathing and surfing, these culinary events should be on your calendar for trip Down Under

The Noosa International Food and Wine Festival will take place May 16-19.

"Aussie-Aussie-Aussie! Oi-oi-oi!" What’s that sound, you ask? That’s the unmistakable sound of the patriotic Australian chant that’s been stuck in your head ever since you watched the Australian Open on your TV set back in January. Why is it stuck in your head? Because your subconscious is telling you to visit the land of Oz to experience all the culinary delights that it has to offer.

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Traveling to Australia is not always about baking in the sun on the stunning beaches, surfing the big waves, or cuddling friendly wildlife. While that’s all good stuff and should be experienced while you’re there, the food and wine in Australia is internationally renowned as some of the best in the world. Festivals that revolve around local produce are scheduled the year-round, so you’re sure to find something that will strike your fancy.

In 2013, there are a multitude of food and wine festivals to attend while in Australia. Depending on your tastes (or cooking skills), you can sample local wines in Victoria, take a cooking class on the gorgeous Margaret River, taste Australia’s best truffle dishes, or take in a beer can boat race — yes you read right, boats made out of beer cans that race against each other! We’ve listed them here in order of popularity.