What to Pack for Vacation House Entertaining

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Cooking for a crowd on vacation? Make sure the kitchen has these essentials — or along bring your own
Stocking the pantry

Stocking the pantry

Vacation rentals are notoriously hit-or-miss when it comes to kitchen tools. But fortunately — if you’re driving to your getaway destination — having the right equipment to make steamed lobsters or your signature tartar for that dinner party is as easy as packing a bag. What you bring depends on your dinner-making plans, how many you're cooking for, and how well the rental property is outfitted. Consider bringing the following basics in addition to any other specialty tool you might need — like that apple corer for making baked apples — when packing the car. Then check out our advice on stocking the fridge and planning the menu.


1. Charcoal grill (and everything else you’ll need in order to grill, including a bag of charcoal, matches, a meat thermometer, and grilling utensils).

2. Cutting boards.

3. Can opener and corkscrew. How else can you open that bottle of vino?

4. Sharp knives and utensils like tongs, silicone spatulas, and an ice cream scoop.

5. Saucepans and/or skillets, especially if you plan on entertaining for more than four.

6. Kitchen towels and/or potholders.

7. Covered storage containers like these sturdy glass ones, so you can pack up leftovers for the next day, or bring that pasta salad to the beach.

8. Garbage bags.

9. Recycled disposable plates, bowls, and flatware (and any other picnicking essentials).

10. Plastic drinking glasses, especially if younger kids will be in the house.

11. Aluminum foil.

12. Paper towels and/or napkins.

13. Dishwashing liquid/sponge.

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