Too Much Red Meat May Lead To Kidney Cancer

Certain quantities of lean meat may be good for your heart, but a U.S. study shows that too much red meat is still detrimental to your health.

Red meat has gotten some good press this year, making us feel a bit less guilty about eating that steak the other night. Unfortunately, a study found that middle-aged adults who ate the most red meat (4 ounces a day) were 19 percent more likely to be diagnosed with kidney cancer than the subjects who ate the least red meat.

The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and also concluded that grilled and barbecued meat is also linked to an increased risk of kidney cancer. The study doesn't prove causation, and researchers warn that you shouldn't cut red meat out of your diet altogether.

Instead, a researcher told Reuters Health, one should "limit intake of red and processed meats and prepare meat by cooking methods such as baking and broiling."

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