Tony-Inspired Toasts: Raise Your Glass The Right Way

Toasting to love, friendship, health, wealth, happiness and accomplishment has been practiced by almost every culture from the beginning of recorded history. Toasting is part of our culture and it is something we do at one point or another. Cyndi Lauper set quite the example this Sunday after the Tony Awards!

According to the NY Post, Cyndi Lauper, at the "Kinky Boots"' after party at Ruby Foo's, gave a heartfelt toast about the "power of music." Lauper, who won for Best Score for "Kinky Boots," then headed to O&M's annual rendezvous at The Carlyle, only to vocally serenade maestro Billy Stritch, on piano in the bar of the hotel.

Now, you don't need to win a Tony or serenade any musical geniuses to execute the killer toast! Proposing a toast is an art and there is a right way to do it!

Originally, the custom of clincking glasses was to ward away evil spits. If you clinck, be sure to do so gently and with care, especially if the glasses you are sipping from are crystal ones.

Toasts should be no longer than one minute—they should cover the main subject while being amusing, clever, and well-thought out. To add some classy flare, it might be nice to toast the group in their native tongue:

Salud "Health" (Sa-Lud): Spanish
Sláinte  "Great Health" (Slawn-cha): Irish
L'chaim "To Life" (Luh-hayim): Yiddish
Prosit "May It Be Good" (Pro-sit): German
Kanpai "Bottoms Up" (Kan-pai): Japanese
Santé "Health" (Sant-ae): French

After the toast is given, simply raise your glass in the direction of the bold man or woman giving the toast.

Happy toasting! Salud!