Japanese Curry Restaurant Takes Toilet-Themed Dining Too Far

Restaurateur Ken Shimizu promises the flavor of his curry is accurate

Curry Shop Shimizu's signature dish is designed to look and taste exactly like human excrement. 

Novelty foods might finally have gone too far. Ramen-flavored ice cream and burgerless burgers were one thing, and a person could even understand the kitschy appeal of a toilet-themed restaurant, but now a Japanese restaurateur has opened a toilet-themed curry restaurant that serves food intentionally designed to look and taste like human excrement.

According to Rocket News 24, the new Curry Shop Shimizu in Tokyo “specializes in poo-flavored curry.” This raises a lot of questions, but most of them can be summed up as some variation on, “Why?!” 

Owner Ken Shimizu is an adult video star who assures potential customers that his professional background gives him the expertise to know for sure when his restaurant’s curry has the most accurate flavor and texture. He says he achieves the flavor by mixing bitter gourd with a particularly bitter variety of tea, then blending cocoa powder and water to give it the right color and texture.

As if that description were not enough to turn any potential customers off, Shimizu says the curry is designed to look as much like excrement as possible, and it is served in a plate designed to look like a toilet. The portions appear to be extremely generous, so anyone who decides to be brave enough to take a taste will get their money’s worth.


The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, but it seems unlikely to be too crowded. Curry Shop Shimizu reportedly surveyed 400 potential customers about whether or not they would eat the restaurant’s signature dish, and 75 percent of respondents said “Oh Hell no.” Another 10 percent said simply, “No,” but that still leaves 15 percent of respondents who said they would give it a try. Considering the product, that’s actually a surprisingly large number of people.