Ninjas, Aliens & More Weird Eatery Themes Around the World

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Forget fine dining, some restaurants prefer to focus their efforts on giving patrons a crazy, themed dining experience instead
Tokyo Fashion
Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is loud, garish, multi-sensory, and jammed full of robots.

Who doesn’t love dinner and a show? Some restaurants, though, take that concept to a whole new level by turning the entire restaurant and your meal into the show — strangely themed eateries with stylized interiors, costumed serving staff, and unusually presented food items.

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Themed restaurants around the world are becoming all the rage — from the eccentric, to the quirky, to the zany, and beyond to the downright terrifying, some restaurants and bars don’t mind going the extra mile to give patrons an experience worth remembering. 

In Taiwan’s capital city of Taiwan, a themed restaurant called Modern Toilet is built to resemble a restroom. “Toilet bowl” seats are provided for you to perch on at your table and food is served in bowls that look like a toilet and is made to resemble, well, what you might find in a toilet. It may seem like a disgusting concept for some, but it’s proved such a popular theme that Modern Toilet eateries have been popping up all around the world, like in Hong Kong and California (this one’s called the Magic Restroom Café).

Fancy eating dinner in a disaster zone? Well the Disaster Café in Spain is themed to rumble and shake like your worst nightmare — being stuck in the middle of a major earthquake. Buns and Guns in Beirut, Lebanon takes killer burgers to another level with its range of war-themed sandwiches like the Torpedo and the Viper. The chefs also wear helmets and the food comes wrapped in camouflage paper.

Whether the restaurant themes are fun, odd, or just questionable, most are worth checking out for the experience alone. So if you’re looking for something a little different on your night out, take a look at these weirdly themed restaurants around the globe… how many would you try? 

Ninja, New York City

Servers dressed like ninjas dropping down from the ceiling are the norm at Japanese restaurant Ninja in New York City. The unique design of the restaurant consists of a long maze leading to the dining room, with the goal of even further setting the scene of dining in a Japanese mountain village.

The H. R. Giger Bar — Gruyères, Switzerland

This popular establishment is attached to the H. R. Giger Museum in Switzerland. Giger is the Swiss surrealist painter and sculptor who most of the world knows as the set designer of the iconic Alien movies. Although it is truly a visual feast and, technically, you can eat the bar snacks this is really a bar, not a restaurant.

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