Inspiring Toasts Caught On Tape

For many, being asked to give a toast at a wedding or birthday celebration is a great honor. But more often than not, these moments meant to honor the person you're toasting can turn into long and dull monologues that bore the audience (all while you may be oblivious to their pain). 

Whether you're looking for inspiration when drafting what you hope will be the most memorable toast ever for your buddy getting married or are fighting a serious case of writer's block (or fear of writing something dull), step back from the pen and paper and cue your favorite music. It's time to think back to the best moments you've shared with the guest of honor and then have some fun when planning what to say — or do.

To get you started, we've pulled together some of our favorite toasts each with a takeaway tip to inspire you. Not a song and dance diva? There is always the narrated slideshow set to music.


1. There is no better place to start when drafting a memorable toast than with a couple funny anecdotes that are sure to make the guest of honor blush (in a good way) — like the time when your best buddy admitted he had a crush on Brad Pitt (Grooms-to-be, be warned: Don't let your friends in on your man crushes)...


2. If you're afraid of talking in a monotone, why not give that speech a bit of a beat?


3. Or, you could always pull out your guitar (or harmonica) and set your toast to a tune.


4. Not musically-inclined? Kick off your toast with an interpretive dance.


5. And if your love for the person you're toasting is too great to hold in, show them how much you really care.


6. Still looking for something that works for you? Don't forget a tried-and-true aid: the slide projector.