Throw a Chocolate Party (for Kids and Adults!)

Who doesn't love chocolate?

A chocolate party is always timely, and never dull. Adeline Rem and Conway Confidential share some unique ideas for a great chocolate party to celebrate anything: back to school, back to work, or maybe even just because. The rule: let your creativity run wild, because everything tastes good with chocolate!

Melt dark, milk, and white chocolate over a double-boiler, in a fondue pot, or in a fondue fountain. Create a fondue station (milk, white, dark), and then divide the table with a section for kids and a section for adults (and feel free to let everyone cross over!).

Dipping for the Kids
Slices of half-thawed cheesecake
Graham crackers

Dipping for the Adults
Selection of dried fruit
Selection of candied fruit
Selection of crackers — yes, use the chocolate as a spread on crackers, with jam, too. You will be amazed how great this tastes
Potato chips
Roasted black garlic
Place some salt, pepper, basil, and cilantro on the side and sprinkle over the chocolate for a flavor kick

Chocolate Soda Fountain
Make everyone at your party a soda jerk with two simple ingredients: syrup and seltzer. Provide seltzer waters with syrup options — chocolate, cherry, and vanilla — and simple instructions on how to make. Instructions: Place 2 ounce (a shot glass full) of any flavor syrup in glass, top with seltzer water, and stir with a straw. Add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream and top with a dollop of homemade whipped cream. For an old-fashioned feel, use mason jars and paper straws.

Mini chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting
Mini vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting

—Adeline Rem, ConwayConfidential