Your Morning Workouts Should Be Working

Diet and exercise naysayers may always whisper, "well, you basically eat more to make up for those burnt calories," but researchers say that exercising in the morning could curb your appetite.

According to LiveScience, researchers at Brigham Young University monitored 35 women as they looked at pictures of food (using electrodes) on two separate days.

The first day? The group spent 45 minutes exercising. On the second day they did not.

The study, which will be published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, found that after exercising, the women's response to food images dropped. Women who had worked out tended to show an increase in physical activity, and did not eat more food even after burning more calories.

Instead, they ate the same amount of food as on any regular day. Naturally, the researchers say the results have to be duplicated to confirm everything, but being active and healthy is always a good thing in our book. So go ahead and feel smug about your early-morning yoga routines.