Thomas Keller’s Per Se Has a ‘Grade Pending’

Per Se received 42 violations during its most recent health inspection
Thomas Keller’s Per Se Has a ‘Grade Pending’
Deborah Jones

During its most recent health inspection, Per Se received a 'Grade Pending' status for several health code violations.

According to a recent inspection by the Department of Health on Feb. 19, Per Se has enough violations to warrant a C grade. Currently, the restaurant has a ‘Grade Pending’ health rating, which will be subject to two more follow-up inspections for an improved grade. Eater reports that during the restaurant’s previous inspection, the restaurant received five critical violations, a few of which were likely related to the restaurant’s sous vide stations.

This time, Per Se was hit with 42 violation points, although the DOH reveals that this is the third time Keller’s restaurant has received more than 40 violation points. The restaurant received five critical sanitary violation points for not holding hot food at or above 140 degrees, holding cold food items above 41 degrees,  not providing a hand-washing facility near the food preparation area, an employee eating, drinking, or smoking in a food preparation area, and not providing clean wiping cloths for staff.

Within the next month or so, an inspector will return unannounced for another inspection, which will be graded. According to the DOH, if the follow-up grade is a B or C, the restaurant will receive a letter card and a grade pending card, one of which must be posted.

It is likely that Per Se will ace the follow-up inspection, as it consistently has in the past.   

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