Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud Will Cook for Your Dinner Party

For a mere $250,000, you can have these culinary legends cook for you and 9 guests

Well, if you ever need a way to really impress someone (and you have the money to splurge), Neiman Marcus is offering "A Taste fo Greatness," a dinner prepared by Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Richard Rosendale, and Jerome Bocuse for you and nine guests.

The dinner, as part of Neiman Marcus' collection of Fantasy Gifts, is only offered to one person for $250,000, complete with a cocktail hour and tequila tasting from Casa Dragones (guests get a bottle hand-crafted and personalized with their names). There's even an event planner to make sure your party runs smoothly (not to mention the menu, which will be prepared by the culinary team).


All proceeds go toward the Bocuse d'Or USA Foundation, so your money will be going toward furthering American culinary excellence. Still, broken down the dinner is about $25,000 a plate, which is pretty much how expensive an Obama fundraiser is. Check out more details over on the Neiman Marcus website.