Think Inside the Wine Box When Planning Your Next Bash

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Boxed Wine for Your Next Party

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Boxed wine is stepping up it's game.

Think Inside the Wine Box When Planning Your Next Bash
Save both money and the environment when hosting your next cocktail party

Previously dismissed as inexpensive and tasteless, boxed wine has come a long way and really raised it’s game, and has recently been reported as better tasting than many bottled varieties. Also, boxed wine stays fresh for at least four weeks, is shatter-proof, portable, cork-less, and requires about 1/3 the energy to produce compared to bottled vinos.
Quality companies such as Bota Box Banrock are making qualities wine in boxes made from 100 percent recycled cardboard in three-liter boxes (the equivalent of about four bottles) for only around $20, and taste-testers are rejoicing. Companies are simply taking top-notch wine and placing them into lower notch packaging, saving money for both parties.
So pick up a carton of boxed wine for your next dinner party, and please your wine connoisseurs, “green” friends, the planet, and your wallet.


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