Is There A Polite Way To Get My Guests To Leave Without Insulting Them?

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Question: "I planned a big cocktail party and have just found out that the following morning I have to be up early. I don't want to cancel my party, so is there a polite way to get my guests to leave without insulting them?"

Coryanne: Being a fabulous host always comes with a few lingering guests that want to soak up every second of your hospitality. If you know in advance that you need to keep the party short and sweet, adding a time frame to the invitation lets your guest know before they arrive when the party is expected to end, however, sudden changes to your schedule should not keep you from hosting a cocktail party your guests will enjoy, even if it means cutting the party short.

Changing the tempo of the music or lowering the volume is a subtle way of signaling the end of a party, and when done alongside blowing out any candles you may have lit, your guest will start to take your hint that the party is over. When all else fails, stop serving alcohol and start offering your guests a cup of coffee.

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