Thanksgiving Sides: A Scary Calorie Count

Thanksgiving sides are a must for the Thanksgiving meal, but do you have any idea how many calories they contain?
Thanksgiving Side Calories

You won’t believe how many calories are in your Thanksgiving sides.

It is no secret that Thanksgiving is a highly caloric holiday. In fact, we even broken it down last year in “How Many Calories Are on Your Thanksgiving Plate ?” to help put the numbers into perspective. Of course you compound the caloric situation with Thanksgiving dessertsThanksgiving turkey, and Thanksgiving cocktails. But admit it, the dishes you take second helpings of are the Thanksgiving sides. Inarguably, Thanksgiving sides are what make the meal. But with these high calorie counts, you may want to stick to one serving of each. Check out the calorie counts for some of the most popular Thanksgiving slides.

Mashed Potatoes (with Whole Milk and Butter): 237 calories per 1 cup

Green Bean Casserole: 230 calories per 1 cup

Candied Yams: 206 calories per 1 cup

Canned Cranberry Sauce: 420 calories per 1 cup

Fresh Cranberry Sauce: 408 calories per 1 cup

Stuffing: 350 calories per 1 cup

Event the seemingly healthy sides can become calorie bombs if you add accoutrements like cheese and butter. Be sure to keep these plain to be able to enjoy them at their best!

Brussels Sprouts: 38 calories per 1 cup

Corn: 132 calories per ear

Spinach: 41 calories per 1 cup

Butter: 36 calories per 1 pat butter

Keep in mind too, that one lonely biscuit's calorie count could cost you a drink or side’s worth of holiday calories. Spreads count, too!

150 calories per biscuit


36 calories per 1 pat of butter