Wedding Horror Story: Muslim Family Served Pork

Even after being told that no pork should be served, a wedding catering company served bacon, ham sandwiches, and pork sausages

Over at The Consumerist, there's a terrifying story about a wedding catering company that blatantly served Muslim guests pork, even after being notified of the family's religion.

"Not only was there pork in the buffet," the reader wrote, "but when we saw the bacon on the salad and the pork sausage in the rice, and called the coordinator over to deal with the issue, she actually disputed against our word, saying she didn't recall hearing us say 'no pork.'"

After looking over her notes, the coordinator apologized and removed the rice, salad, and deli platter.

This would've been fine, but the writer claims that only some of the offending dishes were removed; a potato dish with pork was left out. The rice and deli platter were not replaced, and the sandwiches served at the cocktail reception were ham sandwiches.

"The only reparation offered to us... was $3000 (our total venue bill was over $17,000, with just the food cost even before the tax and 15 percent gratuity coming to nearly $10,000)," the reader wrote. 

Some commenters are doubting the story, with one saying, "In my experience, caterers do not serve food that is not explicitly requested by the bride/groom." Others think the caterers may have mixed up menus, or had racist motives.

Head over to The Consumerist for the full story, and just a note to brides-to-be: Double-check the menu and have everything in writing.

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