Teixeira to Get the Yankees Into Juicing?

The baseball star is a partner in a recently opened Juice Press in New York City

According to the the famous Yankees first basemen, his introduction to juicing was "love at first sight" — literally, that's the name of the first juice he tried at East Village juice bar, Juice Press.

Well, apparently the player moves fast when he's in love, because just a few months after that initial sip, he's a proud partner in the recently opened Mott Street location of the cold press juice bar.

Teixeira told Grubstreet that he has actually shed 15 pounds since getting into the oh-so-trendy diet craze. And given the athlete's enthusiasm for the regimen, the question on everyone's minds, is, of course: Will he spread the juicing fever to his fellow teammates? [Insert joke about baseball players juicing here.]

But in all seriousness, Teixeira did say that he would recommend it to some of the other Yanks should they be looking to "cut a little weight." Curious about juice diets yourself? Check out some of the related stories below.

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