High School Student Pranks Bullies With Altered Cupcakes

A high school girl fed her bullies disgusting cupcakes with secret ingredients

A high school student gave her bullies homemade cupcakes, then told them they were laced with bodily fluids.

A high school student made a show of taking the high road when she brought homemade cupcakes as a peace offering to the bullies who were picking on her, but after a few bites they realized something was wrong. The cupcakes tasted suspiciously disgusting, and she happily told her tormenters they’d just eaten a variety of bodily fluids.

According to ABC, the Bakersfield, Calif., 10th grader said the disgusting cupcakes were filled with semen, pubic hair, fecal matter, and pills. The bullies were horrified, and the police were called out to investigate. One student reportedly claimed to have come down with intestinal distress and abdominal cramps so bad that it was necessary to miss an entire day of school because of eating one of the cupcakes.


The cupcakes turned out to be just a prank, however, and they were not laced with bodily fluids of any variety. The cupcakes were merely designed to be disgusting and filled with mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and soy sauce. Police say no legal action will be taken against the teenage chef with the revenge pastries.