Taste Test: McDonald's Egg White Delight

We firstĀ told you about McDonald's hotly anticipated newest release, the Egg White Delight, back in March, and have been eagerly awaiting its arrival since then. Yesterday, the chain formally rolled out the product with much fanfare in their Times Square flagship (with a little help from gymnast Gabby Douglas), and this morning the breakfast sandwich finally made its debut in locations nationwide.

The obvious difference between this sandwich and the Egg McMuffin is, of course, the fact that real egg whites are used in place of whole eggs. There are a couple of other differences, though: white Cheddar cheese has replaced the standard American, and a whole-wheat English muffin has replaced the standard white one.

As for flavor, this is as satisfying an egg white breakfast sandwich as any. The English muffin began to fall apart about halfway through, for some reason, but the real standout is the egg white. These are fresh egg whites griddled on a flat top, as opposed to the precooked patties that you'll find elsewhere, and it was cooked very nicely and not dried out at all. As for the cheese, it was hard to tell it apart from the standard American, but it melted well and served its purpose dutifully. All told, a solid addition to the McDonald's breakfast lineup.

And don't forget, this also means that you can now get egg whites on any other breakfast menu item. And if they've got all that white Cheddar sitting around, we wouldn't be surprised if they'd top your burger with it, too.